NPS – Historic Lodge Re-Roof – Bryce Canyon, UT

NPS – Historic Lodge Re-Roof – Bryce Canyon, UT

Project Description:  This project was a Design/Build project, for the National Park Service, to replace the historic roof on the Bryce Canyon Lodge.  The goal of this project was to replace the worn-out roof in accordance with Gilbert Stanley Underwood’s original 1920’s design.  We studied his original specification and intent for the wave pattern shingles and developed a construction set of drawings and specs to better document for future generations.  Each cedar shingle had to be hand cut to create an irregular wave pattern, while still maintaining some regularity.  The existing gutter and downspout were also replaced with a removable system, able to be removed for the winter months.

Contract Amount:  $948,589

Project Duration:  5 1/2 Months

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