The initial step of any project is the pre-construction process, including estimating, value engineering, schedule formation, site analysis and procurement logistics. Ridgway Valley Enterprises feels optimizing resources is absolutely essential to the overall success of each project. We have found there is a direct correlation between the extensive efforts involved in the up-front planning and the success of a project. A well thought out plan produces a project that meets both budget and schedule requirements. The following services have been designed to make each job more cost-effective by minimizing delays and completing the project on time and under budget.


Developing the budget is the primary step in effective project cost management. Our proactive approach of estimating involves obtaining preliminary budget pricing from the majority of the subcontractors and suppliers. Our experience shows the earlier our Estimator is involved in the project, the better we are able to assist the Owner and Architects in making decisions consistent with the project objectives.

Value Engineering

More than simply suggesting lower priced equipment or materials to reduce cost, Ridgway Valley’s value engineering approach is comprehensive, proactive and progressive. Unique to each project and Client, this is an on-going process meeting goals while providing the highest value possible. Ideas or portions of the design that have construction issues are addressed prior to breaking ground. Our foresight often allows the project to continue with no additional cost and many times a savings to our client. Working with the Client, Architect, and Engineers, we help maintain the project requirements and budget, even when unforeseen conditions arise. This conscientious involvement is part of the unsurpassed service you can rely on from our team.


Ridgway Valley Enterprises believes completing a project on time is most cost effective for all parties involved and we are dedicated to maintaining the schedule without compromising quality. We schedule the entire project, from ground breaking through punchlist, in order to monitor and evaluate the project’s progress. We use Microsoft Project to determine the most efficient scheduling route available. All major decision points are identified. The schedule is then updated whenever required to keep all parties informed.

Site Analysis And Logistics

At the outset, we carefully examine all site aspects in order to achieve an accurate budget during the estimating process. These aspects include soil sampling, zoning requirements, drainage paths, utility requirements and municipality fee structures. We also coordinate all engineering and appropriate permits. Once on site, we continue to assess the project to determine safety management, site access, transportation routes and construction parking. By anticipating these concerns, we can create an efficient and safe working environment.

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