MURA Public Infrastructure Phase 1 – Montrose, CO

MURA Public Infrastructure Phase 1 – Montrose, CO

Project Description:  Installation of public infrastructure associated with Phase 1 of the MURA (Montrose Urban Renewal Authority) to include wet utilities (water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer), dry utilities (Communications, power, gas), stormwater detention ponds, roadways (including curb, gutter and sidewalks), general site grading, monument entrance signs and general site landscaping.  Also included were off-site gas and water utilities to improve capacity to the project area.  This project covers a 16-acre site.  On the project we completed a bore under Grand Avenue with 12 inch piping for approximately 240 Ft.  Groundwater within the site ranges from 2 – 10+ Ft. below the existing ground surface.  Install of the deep utilities required dewatering at times and proper shoring for safety.

Contract Amount:  $4,011,868 (Under Budget)

Project Duration:  11 Months+

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