At Ridgway Valley we have earned our reputation by maintaining meticulous attention to the building process. In an industry known for its lackluster approach to quality and deadlines, we have redefined the meaning of quality construction. The following priorities outline this success.


Because we know that our greatest resource as a company is the people who work for us, we take every step possible to ensure our people come to work and return home every day without incident. In addition to monthly company safety meetings, safety is a priority at each and every job site, we are committed to creating accident-free environments.  Our mission is to make sure eveyone involved in our construction process makes it home healthy to their families each day! 


Prior to construction, we present a firm fixed price bid to the owner. This bid is based on construction drawings. This fixed price is compared to any budgets given previously to the owner to see any areas that need to be reevaluated or value engineered.


We aggressively pursue all available options to keep the project on or ahead of schedule throughout construction - without ever compromising quality. Because we believe that completing the project on time is profitable for all team members involved, we are committed to completing the schedules within the durations established at the time of mobilization.

Qualified Subcontractors

Because we believe so strongly that the success of a job relies on the effort of many individuals, our relationships with subcontractors is vital to our building process. We use skilled subcontractors, thus enhancing our project delivery disciplines. This provides innovative, dependable and cost-effective solutions for the customer. Our priority of building lasting relationships has created many strong partnerships with our subcontractors and ensures true teamwork on all of our projects.

On-Site Supervision

Overall construction progress will be coordinated in tandem by an experienced project manager and superintendent, who jointly bring about the project’s success. The project manager oversees the entire process and is responsible for the general business management of the project. The superintendent is directly in charge of field construction, coordinating all subcontractor activity and site safety. Together, the team manages all overlapping trades to avoid any schedule conflicts or potential delays.

Quality Assurance

Not only do we adhere to the highest quality construction practices in the industry, we also set our own standards, above and beyond the norm. Our goal is to consistently exceed the clients expectations. We take pride in what we build and we’ve earned our reputation based on that philosophy.