Our Safety Program

Because we know that our greatest resource as a company is the people who work for us, we take every step possible to ensure our people come to work and return home every day without incident. In addition to monthly company safety meetings, safety is a priority at each and every job site, we are committed to creating accident-free environments.

Our specific Safety measures include:

  • Daily site inspections by superintendents
  • Twice Monthly meetings with the field personnel
  • Frequent inspections and training from independent safety adviser

Safe Production Incentive Program

Purpose: To provide the employees with an additional incentive to participate in the safety program.  This program is designed to reward those safe behaviors that create a safe and productive work environment.  There are two ways to earn Incentive points in this plan Downstream and Upstream.

The Program: This program gives employees the opportunity to earn points by demonstrating safe behavior through Upstream Indicators such as participation in all RVE policies such as hard hats, safety glasses and proper footwear and correcting unsafe situations.  An Upstream Indicator is a measurement of what we are pro-actively doing to produce good results.  Each and every employee can earn 5 points a month just by simply doing the items listed above.  This part of the program rewards employees who actively participate in the Safety Program.

The second and more traditional part of the program is the Downstream Results. These are the items we measure to see how we have performed.  These items include On the Job Injuries, Lost Time Injuries, Incident Frequency.  Unfortunately you cannot change the Downstream Results after they have already happened, so by combining the Upstream Indicators with the Safe Production incentive system, we can help produce good Downstream Results!

It is possible to earn points in the Upstream category and not achieve them in the Downstream category.  This is to continue to reinforce safe work habits, even if an incident has already prevented us from meeting our quarterly Downstream goals.


A. The incentive system will be a point-based system.  Each point is equivalent to roughly one dollar in merchandise.

B. The incentive reward timeframes will be QUARTERLY.

C. Each employee will be eligible to earn a 30 point bonus per QUARTER based on the downstream results and an additional 15 points per Quarter (5 points per month) based on UPSTREAM indicators.  All reward periods will be tabulated QUARTERLY.

D. Incentives will be calculated per the company.

E. Points can be accumulated or saved to achieve higher-level awards.  The total amount of banked points may not exceed 300.

F. Points can be banked and used for tools that will be used on the jobsite.  Employees must have prior approval for these purchases.   Purchases of tools will be at the expense of the employee, and then bring receipt to RVE for reimbursement up to an amount equivalent to your banked safety points.

G. A printout of points earned per company and per person will be distributed quarterly.

H. Upon separation from RVE for any reason, the points that employees have acquired will be forfeited.

I.  All new hires will be eligible to earn incentive points starting upon hire date.  New hires must complete a full calendar quarter to accumulate downstream points.

J.  Redeeming your points:  All employees must turn in their order to the safety coordinator to be filled.


UPSTREAM GOALS:  A.K.A. What we must do to earn incentive points or the behaviors that we wish to reward.

5 points per month can be earned.  The cumulative total will be awarded quarterly.  Any employee responsible for a recordable or lost time injury will lose his upstream points for that month.

Requirements to earn Upstream Points

If you accomplish this requirement

If you fail to meet this requirement

Participation in all RVE safety policies.  Proper Personal Protective Equipment for the job. Each individual is eligible for the Upstream Incentive Points. (calculated monthly) The individual will not receive any upstream points.

Job Site Audits by Supervisors, Foremen, and Superintendents will be conducted to correct all deficiencies on a weekly and monthly basis using the audit form.

DOWNSTREAM GOALS:  The results we must have to earn an incentive.

Each Quarter is worth 30 points.  Any reported injury or lost time accident will result in everyone loosing downstream points for the quarter.   Failure to meet the goals for the quarter = zero points.

Requirements to earn Downstream Points

If we fail to meet our goal

NO Recordable or Lost Time Injuries for the Quarter Any recordable or lost time injury eliminates all downstream points for the entire company for the quarter.

For all employees;

RVE expects your participation as well as your commitment to the safety program and compliance with company rules and regulations.

If an employee is found in violation of a safety standard that could most likely cause serious injury or damage, and disciplinary action is taken, the employee forfeits all points for the quarter.


Safe Production Idea Awards:  Any idea or suggestion that results in improved safety or production will be rewarded.  These ideas need to be presented at the Company or jobsite meeting and if they are used, they need to be reported to a supervisor for review.  The award will also be presented during a Monday morning safety meeting.  The purpose of this program is to encourage employees to contribute their ideas and suggestions to RVE.  The award can be apparel or a gift certificate, depending on the idea.


If RVE performs safe work for a period of one year (no recordable injuries or lost time) then a year-end bonus will be given to commemorate the event.  Safety is part of everyone's job description and performance appraisals will consider safety program participation.